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In this two-day workshop you will create a series of small landscape paintings using dye on silk.

On day one, you will become familiar with how to use the tools to apply the hot wax. You’ll create some “birch trees” on white silk and then apply dye. The second birch tree painting will include a soft background upon which you will build the color of the leaves with layers of dye and wax, creating depth and interest as the painting develops.

Day two will build on the techniques learned on the first day. You will paint a more complex trunk with layers of dye and wax. You will learn to create more defined areas of interest as you build your painting. On this day you will also learn how to build a background and foreground after the tree is painted.

The techniques learned in this workshop have applications well beyond the painting of landscapes. The skills you will learn here are an invaluable addition to your artistic tool kit.

Two-Day Workshop:

Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7,2019  *  Time: 10:00—4:00 each day


9336 Harvey Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Cost: $185, $45 materials fee

Deposit: $50 to reserve your space

Abstract Trees on Silk Using Wax Resist

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